Jan. 14th, 2009

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Day three of the medication.  Discovered some aspects of it that I'm trying to keep aware of as it goes on (so please, forgive my sudden daily postings of my pill-popping adventures... consider it a nice change, though, from the Notes From The Toilet).

No heartburn last night, or throughout today.  Yesterday, I didn't get to eat for lunch (went to take Erin money for her to have lunch because I'd forgotten to leave some for her in the morning), and my last job ran rather long, so I didn't get a meal in until late.  I never felt actual hunger though.  My stomach grumbled a bit early in the day, but less so than it usually does.  And I just never felt like I needed food, until I got the (very familiar) headache from not eating (I assume it's from my blood sugar being low, as I get these most days I don't eat anything). 

This concerns me because I think it's a sign that my body isn't burning through the food that's in there, which is what (I believe) happened last time.  On the flip side, it's nice not to be desperate to eat.  Same thing today.  We ran around for most of the morning, and I didn't eat until around 3pm.  Had a bowl of leftover (and AWESOME) mac and cheese Corky made yesterday.  And then Erin made a pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner that we ate at around 9.  I had a small bit of it, no sides (well a slice of slightly disappointing pumpernickel bread), and was done.  My stomach feels slightly empty, and I could certainly eat more now, but I'm not dying for food.  So the pills may be as much an appetite suppressant as they are an acid reducer.  At least so far.

I need to get some Clif Bars for the car again.  I was doing that for a while, and it was helping a lot when I was missing meals.  Even when I take lunch, I don't always get "lunch."  But I know I've got to eat something.  Any place cheap to pick those blasted things up at?

Didn't make much headway on the comic so far this week.  Had a couple ideas and bits and pieces again that I'm quite happy with, but, overall, I need to get to scripting again tomorrow.  I refuse to let up at this point.  Well... not too much.  It's also more fun when I get Levi's feedback, but he's been working 12 hour shifts the last couple weeks, so he's been relatively quiet (understandable).  Between him being "offline," and Scooter being out of town (so we've not been meeting up for CoH), it's been relatively dead.  Which should mean I'd be accomplishing more than I am.

I did watch a movie with Erin over dinner tonight.  That "Mirrors" film with Kieffer Sutherland.  I wasn't a fan, honestly.  Some okay moments, but it seemed terribly cliche and the acting was so-so.  We have Hancock on DVD, but she'd ordered that off the Pay-Per-View (which means I can delete it from the Netflix queue now) instead while I was on the desktop earlier.

I took a short nap with the cats earlier, but I think I'm still kind of tired, so I may conk out in a few.  I'll try to read a bit and see if my brain doesn't get inspired to something first, but if nothing comes of it, sleep is still always appreciated when it happens.


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