Feb. 4th, 2009

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Got scoped today. 

I'd worked up to a mass of nerves about it.  Turned out to be relatively harmless.  My throat feels much like it does when I'm starting to catch a cold (or... maybe I am, indeed, starting to catch a cold), but no pain.  The knocked me out, and I was woken up to, I thought, more questions before the procedure, but it turned out that it was all done.  I was surprised.  Also, everyone there was incredibly nice.  Surprisingly nice.  Scary looking place, mind you, but, overall, not bad.

They did have to perform a couple biopsies while in there (which they hadn't planned on, but knew was a possibility).  I won't know anything for a week, I think.  They asked about the medication I'm on, and I let them know it isn't really helping.  No idea what will come of it, if they'll want me to increase dosage or try something else.  Beyond that, I was just groggy all day, but I somehow managed not to nap at all (beyond being knocked out).  Watched TV, and Erin took care of me (she rules).

Got notified that there's a mandatory conference call for DAs on Friday.  I always well up with fear when we have organized calls like this, because it's rarely good news (the last time was good news, but it was correcting the bad news from just before it).  Hopefully, life just continues along as being survivable.  Erin's work is laying off 7000 people, but that seems more at the corporate level, so I think we're safe there.

On page 10 of the second comic script.  I still need to doctor the hell out of the first one, but I'm waiting to have the two completed before I go back and do it, since it's all one story.  I'm just happy I've had some momentum on it, and keep pushing myself to work on it more.  I've done very little else when I'm on the computer.  Spending less time online, not playing CoH or other games.  Still watching a lot of TV, though.  There's just too many good shows on right now.  Two of my favorites are on TNT, a station I never really watched before.  Less and less are on the lead networks.  But Dollhouse is just over a week away...  Damn it, Joss, don't let me down!

Still waiting on doing our taxes.  I can't tell if there's any more things being mailed to us, between the house, retirement plans (such as they are), and...  I don't know what else, really.  I miss 1040EZ.  Those were the days.  I just hope the return is big enough to pay off the larger credit card, or a couple of the smaller ones, at least.  It'll be a tough year trying to pay minimums on each of those every month.  Not that it won't be a tough year anyways, but that's completely expected these days.

Still want to get married.  That's a given too.


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