Mar. 23rd, 2009

captaintemerity: (The Monster Kitten)
As a family, we watched Bolt last night.  It was really pretty good. 

The odd thing of it was that Dante, who'd started out laying on my lap at the beginning of the DVD, got up about ten minutes in and sat in front of the TV, staring up at it, intently.  And stayed there for 80% of the movie.  At one point, he came back to my lap for all of two minutes, then felt compelled back to the TV.  And I mean, he didn't bat at the screen or anything.  He just looked up, like he was watching the movie.  Gidget didn't care a lick, but Dante... I think he loved the movie.  I've never seen him do anything like this before.  We were all a little weirded out. 

If anyone else has cats, and an interest in watching Bolt (which you should, I think), let me know if you witness any similar phenomena.

Also, been talking to my best friend that I grew up with (found his wife on Facebook... yeah, social networking has its uses) off and on for the last couple weeks.  It's so odd to have someone to talk to that remembers all your old stories from actually being there, and quotes some back to you that maybe you'd forgotten.  It's also amazing how far life takes you, but how easily you can be taken back to who you were twenty years ago just by the sound of someone's laughter.  Other than my immediate family, I haven't really suffered much in the way of "homesickness" since moving out to California, but the last year or so, I've thought about the people I grew up with more and more.  Wondering how they are and where they are.  On the one hand, I've had it sort've easy with having Corky here, because we're both from Michigan, and he gets a lot of the things I reference or look back on.  But he and I met just shortly before I left.  Monte knew me from the time I was twelve to my early twenties.  He knew my grandmother, which is a pretty big deal to me.  It's just... wow.  I can't really say much beyond that.

I'm really glad I came out here.  I needed to.  I think I'm just now allowing myself to also admit that I can be happy here, but miss home at the same time.  Only took 13 years to be able to say that.

If anyone offers to put a scope up your nose, down your throat, and measure how you take swallows of water with spaces of two minutes between before you're allowed to swallow again, while they slowly pull the thing back out of you...  Just punch them in the face, run to your car, and drive away.  Quickly.  That sucked.


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