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While writhing in pain (as much fun as it sounds) and tuning out Erin playing the Sims on the notebook all day, I got to watch the first couple episodes of that new TNT show, Leverage.

I am, to put it mildly, quite smitten with the program.  I always enjoy caper/heist movies.  And the cast is better than I could've hoped (even taking into account there's a Whedon-ite and someone else from BBC's Coupling invovled), and the writing is just...  It's quite good.  Good enough for me to recommend that people seek out a show on TNT, a network I don't normally watch (and I watch a LOT of television).

I'd been trying to curb my television watching this season.  In some cases, I've made some strong strides.  I've completely given up on Heroes (with absolutely zero regret), have DVR'd but not yet watched any of Pushing Daisies (but I will, in one sitting, I'd suspect, even though I hear it's been cancelled now).  Two shows I normally love have aired their last episodes (Boston Legal and The Shield).  I'm iffy on CSI post Grissom, but am reserving judgement.

I'm staying with Bones (my favorite program, period, these days), my Thursdays on NBC, my Mondays on CBS, my Sundays on Fox.  These are simple staples that don't seem likely to go anywhere.  I've had some minor doubts of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it's been good all along, if just a tad depressing.  Life had me concerned at the beginning this season, but I'm still pretty fond of it.

New shows have been Fringe (Erin loved it, at least at first, but it may've been a passing thing for her), The Mentalist, and Life On Mars.  Mars almost seemed too formulaic and had some dopey moments that made me think it would go off my radar, but the season closer (mid-season, I guess) was so strong that I have to return.

Lost comes back soon.  As well as new Monk and Burn Notice.  For some reason, as much as I love the USA shows (and other cable networks), I still don't consider them the same as network tv.  Not better, not worse.  Just... different.

Dollhouse (thank God for Joss) and another TNT show that I think is called Trust Me are on their way.  Also some Fox show with Tim Roth as a liar, but that seems like it would be too close to the Mentalist (which is already very close to Psych), and I think I'm already reforming bad relationships with my tv again.

It's a lot.  It's always a lot with me.  I can't help who I am, though.  TV, comics... it's just the way I'm wired.

All I've eaten today was some Sun Chips, and half a pack of chicken nuggets.  Oh, and fistfull of painkillers at the end, so I can hopefully sleep some tonight.  But no, I'm totally awake right now, and I shouldn't be.  Brain's doing that pesky "I'm totally ready to break shit open" thing it does when I need it to shut down.  It believes there's some brilliant story that's ready to be written, or at least some witty remarks to be posted here.  But instead, you get my (semi-regular now) TV schedule.  Yeah, riveting.  Next, I'll tell you of more of my travails on the toilet.  Because I'm nothing if not consistently dull.


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