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Well, went to the doctor today about the digestive issues and such.  Erin went with me (to make sure I didn't cop out, probably, and to fill in the blanks for me, as I forget stuff when I'm on the spot).

I'm being put on Prevacid, which is what they tried to put me on last time, but my insurance force-altered me to Aciphex (at half the dosage that was recommended).  I've yet to find of if they're going to do that to me again.  The Aciphex caused me to bloat up (yeah, worse than I usually am) and feel like I wasn't digesting food at all.  Also worsened my heartburn.  As it is, I'm supposed to take Malox or something (not Tums) in conjunction with the Prevacid to keep the heartburn from happening.  And I'm suposed to diet (Erin swears I've lost a lot of weight, but it turns out, no, I think I've gained a couple pounds), excersise, lose all will to live, etc. 

I'm going to be getting Scoped (good times!) on February 4th (mental note... It's a Friday at noon).  The Doctor was trying to be all reassuring about how they have to knock me out for it, and I'm like, "Listen, buddy... you better make DAMN sure they knock me out, and hard.  Because if I wake up to a tube in my throat, I'm likely to flip out and kill somebody."  So, yeah.  He can't wait to operate on me now.

The weather improved greatly today (weird that I'm be using the word "improved" in relation to it getting warmer, but whatever), so Erin and I will be starting our nightly walks again.  And I guess I can break the Wii Fit back out.  And I'll have to give up the lion's share of the junk food...  Friday nights will be challenging.  Nothing to eat for about 4 hours before bed.

Oh, and I should start buying decaffeinated Lipton now for my tea.  Which is odd, because I started having these issues when I started drinking tea exclusively, but I'd given up soda for it, so I would think that would be worse.

I just don't know, really.  There's a lot of things I told him that I don't know are really being addressed (yet).  Some things he seemed really surprised about, but he had a cold and was distracted by a phone call while we were there, and then he came back in and started talking about Acid Reflux, which I know I have, but going back to medication that I tried before... maybe the Prevacid is really different than the Aciphex, but I'm not sure how much better things will be.  The Scoping may be the best thing, just to see what's going on in there.  But, even though he's supposed to be the top docotr in the are when it comes to this, I'm not feeling incredibly confident right now.  But it could be that I wanted an instant answer (that didn't involve me givin up fatty foods and sweets, of course) and that's just now how it works.  So, I'm putting forth my best effort on it.  Which still isn't a great effort, of course.  I'm realistic.  And a fat, lazy slob that loves his chocolate and country-fried steak.

I'm making a good deal of progress (I think... I mean, I've never really done this before) on the Levi comic.  Done some actual scripting, which is the part I need to be at now.  The last two days have been random bits again, things that are more fleshing out more of the later stories for it, which is good.  Because that is how I've come up with most of it, and, as a process, it works for me.  But I've been dedicating a lot of time to it.  Been writing more than I've been playing, if that's an indicator.

 I'm also thinking (just a little bit... most of my brain is on the comic) about last years pathetic NaNo attempt, and how I'm coming to terms with the story as to what it wants to be, as opposed to what I envisioned it being for the ten years beforehand.  I think when I hit a stopping point on the comic, that might be what I work on next.  Normally, I would just side-track myself and attempt to work on both at the same time (or, more honestly, stop working on one to work on the other), but I think it's important that I get at least the first two issues/first story arc scripted before breaking away from it.  I need to stick with the momentum I've finally created with it, and not let up.

The last couple weeks have been hectic.  Yesterday was the first day in over a week where I didn't have 4-5 jobs in a single day, and, looking at my schedule, I've got 4 raring to go tomorrow.  Better to have too many than none, I guess.   The holidays gave me two weeks in a row with only 4 days working (Wed-through-Friday off was an awesome thing), and I daresay it made me miss the old days of 4 ten-hour days a week.  But I don't think that's a concept the company can afford to embrace right now, and I certainly can't afford to work any less than I am now.  We really need to figure out our finances and the credit cards and the mortgage and so on... and soon.  I think one emergency of any kind would pretty much push us over this financial precipise we're on right now.  At least with the new diet, Erin's looking at cooking more instead of eating out.  May be time to renew the Costco cards and finally start shopping smart.  Or time to stop eating altogether.  Yeah, option 2 is the smart one.

Facebook recently re-introduced me to the girl I took to Prom (understatement... this is the girl I was in love with for most of my teenage years) and my best friend from Middle School.  And they're both so totally different from what I would've imagined, and... well, I guess maybe I am too.  Or not.  I'm working for computers in the closest job I could legally get to being a "superhero."  I'm writing a comic book script.  My best friends are artists and gamers and geeks galore.  And I desperately need a haircut.  Maybe I'm right where I thought I'd be.  You know, for not dying by my 21st birthday and all that.

We have a juicer that I've never used.  What sort've juice recipes do you guys recommend?

Date: 2009-01-13 01:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
give me the juicer!!! hahah. i love carrot juice with ginger. yummmmmmmyyyyyy!

Date: 2009-01-13 03:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
carrot and apple juice is quite tasty. that's the only one i ever made when i was near a juice machine

Date: 2009-01-15 06:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What sorts of apples? I was in the market today, and there were... many variants. And I couldn't really think of what made sense in juice form.

I also just don't know how I feel about juicing the produce from the local Safeway and whatnot. Seems like, if I'm gonna' do it, I should wait until the have the local produce things opened up, to get fresh stuff and whatever.

Maybe I should juice a hamburger first. That's at least something I recognize as food.

Date: 2009-01-13 03:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good luck with the Scope. I feel for you. I have other digestive issues, and it's a bummer. >_>

Date: 2009-01-15 06:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks muchly. As long as I'm completely knocked out, it'll be okay, I'm sure. If not... bad things will happen.

Date: 2009-01-13 03:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Let's see where to start.

Um well definately get knocked out for the scope. I sadly still remember mine and I wish I didn't.

Digestive issues are tough ones to nail down so the best you can do is follow his recommendations and give lots of feedback so they can tell what is and isn't working.

I have no issues with going healthier on Fridays. We did it with the other group and it was fine. Popcorn is actually relatively healthy so we have that going for us.

Juice wise when I used my juicer I would always mix either apple, carrot or celery with everything. They are all fairly mellow and the apple and carrot are naturally sweet. Then just start mixing in other veggies as you see fit.


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