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Erin and I finally watched Baghead...

We got it from Netflix a couple weeks ago, but it's been sitting, patiently, for us to get off our duffs and throw it in the DVD player.  We enjoyed it.  A little obvious, a little off.  But decent.  Worse, as I watched it, and the 10 Questions with the Directors in the bonus features, all I thought about was Chris saying, "Why the heck couldn't we do something like this?"  Which is true.  I mean, they made it for around a grand.  If movie-making was something you wanted to do, this is some smart evidence that you probably could and should.

I've been putting myself into the comic more than anything, though.  Things have slowed the last week.  Something between finishing the first storyline (two issues, depending on formatting) and being sick off and on (mostly on) has made me lose some momentum.  But I'm gonna' keep pushing on it.  I've started outlining the next story.  Hopefully I can get myself in gear.

Erin has a meeting this Wednesday, which is when my appointment was for the tube up the nose, so I have to reschedule.  Oh damn.  I mean, yes, it would be nice to just get it done and over with, but I really could deal with not doing it at all.  And I doubt it'll give any more insight as to what's wrong with me as the scoping did.  I've found, though, that since I've been eating mostly fish the last couple weeks, I've not had as many problems as I was before.  But as soon as I tried something else that I normally eat, it all comes back.  So there may be something to dietary changes being helpful.  I've been addicted to this fried cod from the place next to Oliver's Market.  I think I've gone there five times in the last couple weeks.  And Erin even made some at home, which turned out quite good.  Either way, this is a new thing for me, as I was never much of a fish-eater before.

The whole above paragraph is for Chris, who can choke on it.

Work has been busy and exhausting.  I'm tired of people asking me how my company is doing.  I'm not allowed to really say anything, but I also just don't care to think about it too hard.  The company seems fine.  It's taking its lumps with the economy as it is, same as everybody else.  Times are scary all over.  I wish people would get out of this mode of expecting everything to crash, because I belive that fear just makes things worse.  No one trusts their banks, or their stocks, or their home loans...  I can't say I blame them, but when you go and hide away from everything because you're too scared to face it or live your lives, well, you're not making things any better.

I listen to too much political radio, I think.  It makes me feel like I know more than I actually do.

I wish I could've gone to WonderCon this past weekend.  I've been saving my vacation for if/when I might see my family (them coming out here or me going out there).  But Erin has this trip planned for a weekend in Red Bluff (I think that's it) to go to a rodeo in her friend's home town.  A bunch of us are going.  So we need money for that, which I'm trying to horde.  Means spending money at a Con or at a concert coming up that I'd like to go to would be pretty wastefull.  Besides, it would be nicer to go next year, when I may (hopefully) have something of my own to hand off to people.  Maybe. 

I guess we'll see.

Gotta' go.  Cat on my arm.
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