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Foods I've found that affect my Gerds in the last week: )

So, yeah.  Speaking of undo torture, I've decided that, following the comedy of errors that will be 24 Hour Comic Day, I'm going to take another stab at NaNoWriMo this year.  I know it's going to be a huge mistake and disappointment on my part, but that's par for the course with me and my writing, so at least we've got consistency.

I have found, been informed of, or seen the results of no less than four story ideas of mine, ones I'm either in the midst of (not) writing, or things I had at least plotted out some time ago waiting to be gotten to, done by other people.  Far more talented and driven people, mind you.  My movie idea became a TV show (directed by my hero), my follow-up to Cold is becoming a film, the pay-off to a Gromm/Kaln story I had actually partly written wound up in a comic, and another comic writer (who has done more than one storyline similar to mine) has now written two stories of a character that have strong similarities to my original Gromm story.

I've decided, I don't have an original idea in my head.  My brain just picks up signals from the future.  I need to get myself a hat made of tin foil, and then I can forget about all this pesky "aspiring writer" crap.

I have one high concept left.  Well, maybe two.  But I'll not be writing them for NaNo.  Possibly, I'll wait for someone better to come scoop them up (although the person I want to write the important one doesn't seem incredibly interested in taking up the efforts, as she's spending all her quality time with her dogs at the moment).

None of this (save the health stuff) is a complaint, mind you.  I'm quite aware that I had plenty of time to get these ideas down into even the crappiest efforts of a story.  I chose not to.  This is all just a re-emphasis of the strangeness that my head is a giant magnet for.

Oh.  I forgot.  The TV series that is, this week, becoming someone else's TV series.  Yeah.  That's five.

Okay.  Maybe I'm complaining a little.


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